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Questions about Glass Films

Glass Film or Hydrogel?

Glass Film vs Hydrogel Film

Hydrogel films are more flexible, absorb part of the
impact in the event of a fall and are less likely to break due to the
material from which they are made. On the other hand, glass films have
lower impact absorption and tend to break more easily
in fall situations.

Tempered Glass Film vs Normal Glass

Tempered Glass Film vs Normal Glass

Tempered glass is approximately 5 times more resistant than
normal glass.
Furthermore, in the event of breakage (which occurs less frequently), it does not scatter sharp fragments like traditional glass. In
Instead, it forms small pieces with rounded edges, making tempered glass a much safer choice for use on cell phones.

Premium Glass Film vs Tempered Glass

Premium Glass Film

The Premium Films provided by Capas & Acessórios offer extra protection compared to tempered glass films.
With an extra layer of protection, these films offer 2x more resistance than normal films.

Anti-Spy Glass Film / Privacy Filter

Anti-Spy Glass Film

Private messages. Bank data. PIN codes. With an anti-spy window film or privacy filter, your secrets are safe from the prying eyes of the people sitting next to you on the train, bus or in the office.
The specially designed privacy filter makes the content on your screen virtually invisible to everyone except you.