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About Covers & Accessories

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At Cases & Accessories, we are committed to offering a wide range of high-quality products that combine personalized style with premium protection.
From custom covers, protective films to wireless chargers, we have everything you need to keep your Smartphone protected and in style.

Custom Covers

Choose from a variety of unique designs on the market.
The Premium personalized cases are our favorites for a perfect intersection between protection and style.

Personalized Covers with Photographs and Phrases

Transform your cell phone into a reflection of your lifestyle with our personalized covers with photographs and /or phrases. Upload your favorite moments or choose an inspirational quote to add a personal touch to your phone.

Anti-Shock Covers

Protect your device against accidental impacts with our anti-shock covers. Constructed from durable, shock-absorbent materials, these cases offer rugged protection without compromising on style.

Anti-Yellowing Covers

Keep your phone looking new for longer with our anti-yellowing covers . Made from high-quality materials that resist yellowing and wear, these cases keep your phone looking fresh and crisp.

Protection Films

Protect your cell phone screen against scratches and damage with our protective films. Available in different finishes and protection levels, these films keep your screen free from scratches and unwanted smudges.

Protective Lenses

Keep your phone's camera protected with our protective lenses. Made from quality materials, these lenses offer long-lasting protection against scratches and damage.

Charging Cables

Charge your cell phone with ease with our charging cables high quality. Compatible with a variety of cell phones, these cables offer a quick and efficient charge whenever you need it.

Wireless Chargers

Eliminate cable clutter with wireless chargers. All you need to do is place your phone on the charger and enjoy convenient, wireless charging.

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