As melhores capas de telemóvel para comprar em 2023 - Capas & Acessórios

The best cell phone cases to buy in 2024

Have you just purchased a new Smartphone? The next step involves choosing the best cell phone case available on the market to protect your new device against the inevitable scratches and accidental drops.

Apple's latest iPhones are more resilient than ever, thanks to new technologies like Ceramic Shield and IP68. However, that doesn't mean they're impervious to damage, and replacing your iPhone screen can become quite expensive. That's why you need a protective case for your iPhone.

Even if a drop doesn't result in a cracked screen, it's likely to leave unsightly scratches, scratches, and dents in the glass and aluminum or stainless steel finish.

There is no doubt about the visual elegance of the new iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro, but although they are the most desired on the market, they are also quite expensive. The scratches that cell phones are subject to on a daily basis are quite frequent and unavoidable and this can have a huge impact on the trade-in or resale value of your iPhone over time. So, if you want to protect your investment, the best thing you can do is select a cell phone case that will protect you from any accident in your daily life.

The good news is that nowadays there is a wide variety of cases that you can use without compromising the aesthetics and beautiful design of your iPhone. Some may like the bulkier, sturdier look, while others simply want to show off their iPhone's natural aesthetic, or prefer something more unique to their own style. There are phone cases for every taste, and here we've rounded up some of the best phone cases you need to protect your iPhone while still adding some style of your own. Here are the best phone cases to buy in 2023!

The Best Clear Covers

The iPhone is a surprisingly beautiful device, and you shouldn't have to hide it in the name of protection. These covers, which are very resistant and also transparent, allow you to show off the natural appearance of your iPhone.

Anti-Yellowing Cell Phone Case

New Bumper - The Anti-Yellowing Cell Phone Case

For those who want to combine transparency with superior protection against scratches and accidental falls in everyday life. Super-resistant but ultra-light, it offers up to 3 meters of protection, and has innovative German anti-yellowing technology which allows it to maintain transparency over time. A raised ledge around the camera keeps it safe if you drop your phone or place it on the floor, and it also doesn't add bulk to the phone, making it a great choice for an everyday case!

Magsfae transparent cell phone case

MagSafe Clear Case

Thin, light and easy to hold, this transparent phone case with MagSafe technology protects your phone while revealing the vibrant colors of your iPhone.

Made from transparent polycarbonate and flexible materials, the cover fits snugly around the buttons for simple use. The surface is protected by a scratch-resistant coating, inside and out, and all materials and coatings are optimized to prevent yellowing over time.

It has integrated magnets that align perfectly with the iPhone. It's very easy to place and allows for faster wireless charging, simply place your iPhone on the charging base and watch the magic happen. And you don't need to take off the case to use MagSafe or Qi chargers.

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